Sample Scanning Atomic Force Microscope: MadAFM

Mad City Labs - MadAFM

The MadAFM atomic force microscope is designed for ease of use and simple installation and equipped with industry-leading closed-loop nanopositioners for precision movement of the sample and probe.

In addition to XYZ nanopositioners, the MadAFM integrates our intelligent control, high stability motorized micropositioners. These micropositioners allow long range motion of the sample (XY), focus control, and motion of the AFM head (Z). The focus, AFM head, and probe positioners are vertically aligned and coaxial which allows direct on-axis views of the sample surface and cantilever using a 1.6MP CMOS camera. MadAFM supports multiple microscopy modes (see specification table) and includes AFMView®-OD software that handles all hardware control and data acquisition. The user-friendly software features automated calibration and initialization to allow even novice users to get up and running quickly. The software allows advanced users to have access to specified parameters. MadAFM™ is compatible with 3rd party analysis software MountainsSPIP® and Gwyddion. MadAFM is sized for table tops and simple to install with minimal user setup.


  • Flexure guided closed loop nanopositioners
  • Proprietary PicoQ® low noise sensors
  • Long travel, high stability micropositioning
  • AFMView® software - hardware control & data acquisition
  • Automated calibration and initialization
  • Adjustable parameters for experienced users
  • User-friendly probe exchange
  • Simple to install, table top design