RM21™ Microscope For Fluorescence Microscopy

Source: Mad City Labs, Inc.

RM21™ Microscope For Fluorescence Microscopy

Mad City Labs’ RM21 Microscope is an adaptable microscopy platform designed to allow direct access to the entire optical pathway, and is capable of precision alignment in the X, Y, and Z axes. The Z-axis objective lens holder is precision aligned with the optical axis of the platform and can hold a single objective lens. 

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The RM21™ is compatible with 30 mm and 60 mm cage systems, and is designed to be configured on a standing optical table. The motorized lens positioner uses proprietary intelligent control for low drift and high performance, and has a 50 mm travel distance with 95 nm step size. The RM21™ is suitable for applications such as optical and magnetic tweezers, AFM integration, and fluorescence microscopy. Standard options include a TIRF Module with a TIRF Lock, a Kӧhler Illumination Tower, and a wide range of customizations.

RM21 Model comparison:

For more in-depth information on the variety of options for the RM21™, download the datasheets and drawing.

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