RadHard (Radiation Hardened) Photodiode for Electron Detection: UVG20C

Source: Opto Diode, An ITW Company

RadHard (Radiation Hardened) Photodiode for Electron Detection: UVG20C

This photodiode has several distinctive features, though its most notable feature is its radiation-hardened, junction-passivating, oxynitride protective entrance window. This gives the UVG20C a distinct advantage over traditional silicon photodiodes where space and satellite applications are concerned.

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The aforementioned entrance window gives the photodiode extreme stability (<2% responsivity degradation after megajoules/cm2 of 254 nm and tens of kilojoules/cm2 of 193 nm photon exposure) after UV photon exposure. Additional notable specifications include 100% internal quantum efficiency, 1.7µsec rise time (typ), 50 Mohms (min) and 200 Mohms (typ) shunt resistance, 4nF capacitance (typ), and 800nm peak responsivity (at approximately 0.56 A/W).

For additional information on the UVG20C photodiode’s electro-optical characteristics, thermal parameters, and responsivity, download the datasheet.

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