Pyroelectric Energy Meter: PE9 Series

Source: Ophir Photonics

Pyroelectric Energy Meter:  PE9 Series

Ophir Photonics’ PE9 series of pyroelectric energy meters is made up of two different models with variations in energy scales, lowest measurable energy, noise on lowest range levels, and linearity. Both models feature an 8mm aperture, a 25,000 Hz repetition rate (max), up to 20µs pulse widths, and high sensitivity sensors.

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These energy meters cover laser energy measurements from 0.2µj up to 1Mj and operate in the spectral range from 0.15 to 12µm. One of the more notable features in the PE9 series is the “user threshold” function. It allows the operator to adjust the measurement threshold in noisy environments. By increasing the threshold, noisy signals will not be triggered, provided that the laser pulses are larger than the noise.

For specifications on the PE9 pyroelectric energy meters as well as an outline drawing, download the datasheet.

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