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Pyroelectric Detectors With A Differential Amplifier

Source: Laser Components USA, Inc.
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Pyroelectric Detectors With A Differential Amplifier

Signal-to-Noise Ratio Significantly Increased 
Bedford, NH: LASER COMPONENTS introduces a new and improved pyroelectric detector, the LD2100 series, with differential outputs.
Pyroelectric crystals simultaneously generate positive and negative charges on opposite faces, and our LD2100 detectors exploit this with a new amplification scheme.
The LD2100 series is based on our best-selling L2100 series CM current mode detector, and we plan to bring other differential versions of our detectors to market in due course.
The R&D team at LASER COMPONENTS Pyro Group reached deep into their bag of tricks to produce a pyroelectric detector that not only gives you double the signal compared to a single ended detector when used with a differential amplifier, but the noise only increases
by √2. This produces an improvement in signal to noise ratio of around 1.4.
Pyroelectric detectors with a differential amplifier have two additional advantages: External interference signals are eliminated by signal subtraction. Thus, they can be used in critical environments with electric fields. Furthermore, the LD2100 series makes simple wiring
possible, with which the signal outputs are connected directly to the inputs of the differential AD converter.
Pyroelectric detectors are used in NDIR and FTIR spectroscopy, IR laser-based measurement technology, pyrometry, and in flame and fire detection: The components are inexpensive, reliable, robust, and are highly sensitive from short to long IR wavelengths as thermal detectors.
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SOURCE: Laser Components USA