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Pyroelectric Detectors Made of LiTaO3

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Pyroelectric Detectors Made of LiTaO3

Trends, customer demands, production experience: LASER COMPONENTS Pyro Group presents a standard portfolio of pyroelectric detectors that use LiTaO3 as active material. Those detectors are popular for industrial applications and available for quick delivery.

The focus of this portfolio are single-channel and two-channel detectors in current mode. The advantages include consistent temperature curves and low power consumption. The recommended supply voltage is +3 V. These versions are easy to handle, therefore they are recommended for new developments.

Dual detectors in classic voltage operation are also part of the core portfolio; they are already being used successfully as a second source product.

In general, thermoelectric detectors are polychromatic. To detect a defined wavelength, a corresponding bandpass filter is needed. The selection is quite large: 17 variations are available.

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