Portable Laser Beam Splitter For Small Beam Diameters: Ophir® LBS-300s

Portable Laser Beam Splitter For Small Beam Diameters: Ophir® LBS-300s

The new Ophir® LBS-300s from the Ophir brand is a compact, portable laser beam splitter ideally suited for handling small beam diameters (up to 15 mm) over a wide range of powers (10 mW to 400 W). The instrument is designed with a shorter distance from the input surface to the camera array to accommodate finding focus spots with shorter working distances. Ideal applications include micromachining, microwelding, and medical device manufacturing.

The LBS-300s allows for the control and adjustment of the laser beam output power reaching the camera. The splitter works by transmitting approximately 99 percent of the beam sampler with 0.01 percent passed on to the camera. The beam sampler provides a beam image that is polarization corrected to restore the polarization components of the original beam. The LBS-300s attaches to C-mount, CS-mount, or Ophir mount cameras, and a set of adjustable ND filters are provided for final intensity adjustments before the beam reaches the camera imager.

For more features and specifications on the Ophir® LBS-300s beam splitter, download the datasheet.

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