News | May 27, 2020

PLUTO-2: Not A Planet, But An Innovation In The World Of Photonics Spatial Light Modulator Technology At Its Best

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Bedford, NH – When it comes to Spatial Light Modulators (SLM), the best in the industry is HOLOEYE Photonics, AG. Laser Components USA, Inc. is pleased to provide products and services in this field of photonics technology.  The customized designs offer turn-key solutions that optimize optical systems for research and industry.  
SLM is a general term describing devices that are used to modulate amplitude, phase, or polarization of light waves in space and time. Produced for high resolution holographic applications for the UV, visible, near IR and telecommunications waveband, the innovative PLUTO-2 SLM utilizes reflective (LCOS) liquid crystal microdisplays. The 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution and 8.0 μm pixel pitch SLM is available in 11 different versions optimized for different wavelength ranges and applications.  Using HDMI ports on standard PC graphics cards, the PLUTO-2 is an EASY plug & play modulator requiring no additional software or dedicated hardware.
It comes with a superior software package to configure and generate different optical functions, and an SDK (Software Development Kit) to work with standard laboratory software and programming environments. “The PLUTO-2 is an excellent all-round SLM, offering a wide range of capabilities in a wide field of applications”, stated Sven Krueger, president of HOLOEYE. “The well qualified PLUTO-2 hardware is already implemented in industrial volume applications like optical switching and microscopy.”   
Unlike other SLMs PLUTO-2’s best feature offers 11 different display options (different wavelength ranges, high reflectivity versions featuring a dielectric mirror coating, …) that are interchangeable to 1 driver unit without having to buy an entire new SLM.  At a new and lower price point, this innovative device offers several key features not found in other SLMs on the market today. Used in several applications including pattern projection, adaptive optics, beam shaping, biophotonics and high-power laser processing, let us show you how PLUTO-2 shines just as brightly as the planet.  
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