News | October 3, 2022

Physics Department Of Bridgewater University Won A BEAMAGE-4M For Its Labs

The physics department of Bridgewater University participated in the Gentec-EO Laser Lab Awards and won! Their prize? A BEAMAGE-4M camera-based laser beam profiler.

We recently received news from them and wanted to share that with our blog readers. So far, the BEAMAGE-4M was used in the following lab experiments and classes:

  • In Experimental Physics to characterize a beam for Rubidium gas excitation
  • In Applied optics to characterize the mode stability of some visible LED lasers
  • In the class Fiber Optics Communications
  • In many students’ researches

They found the BEAMAGE-4M to be extremely useful for the students.

Here are some interesting pictures of the BEAMAGE-4M being used in real lab setups.

In their fiber optics course:

A student using the BEAMAGE-4M in a research project:

Experimental physics setup:

Prof. Deveney using the BEAMAGE-4M:

Looks like our BEAMAGE-4M serves a great purpose! If you could use one too, make sure to participate at the next Laser Lab Awards to get a chance to win one or get in touch with our representatives to purchase one.

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