PG&O® Offers Highly-Durable Sapphire Optics

PR - Sapphire Optics

SANTA ANA, CA – Precision Glass & Optics (PG&O -, a world-renowned precision glass, fabricated optics, and thin-film optical coatings manufacturer, now offers sapphire optics for a wide variety of highly durable and broad spectrum applications in medical, military, industrial, and aerospace tasks. Sapphire optics are ideal for use in lasers, imaging, LEDs, fiber optics, and more.

PG&O’s new sapphire optics operate from the visible out to the infrared spectral wavelengths. The exceptionally durable substrate is thermal and scratch-resistant, and can withstand extremely harsh environmental conditions and temperature variations. The company delivers hardened sapphire optics on various windows, including circles, squares, rectangles, and complex shapes.

According to PG&O President, Dan Bukaty, Jr., “Though sapphire can be a challenging material to work with when meeting rigorous optical specifications for intricate components, we are very pleased to announce that our company capabilities now include delivering durable and cost-effective sapphire optics. Our new sapphire optical windows can be fabricated with better transmittance, from visible to infrared, than other more common optical windows, making them ideal for mission-critical applications in biomedical, life sciences, industrial, and defense markets.”

PG&O offers a wide range of commercial glass fabrication services and precise, turnkey optics and advanced thin-film coatings for military/defense, industrial, laser, biomedical, imaging, automotive, astronomy, and many more applications. The company recently introduced finished infrared optics fabrication services for a variety of industries.

PRECISION GLASS & OPTICS (PG&O) – Since 1985, PG&O has delivered high quality, precision glass, optics, and optical coatings for a variety of applications. The company has an extremely large inventory of glass products and a full optical fabrication shop to provide advanced optical coatings and to manufacture large mirror blanks. PG&O recently introduced a new finished infrared (IR) optics fabrication service. Other services include CNC machining, polishing, slicing, sawing, scribing, grinding, edging, assembly, and more. With three large coating chambers, and an expert, in-house engineering staff, our cost-effective and reliable optics and advanced thin film coatings are ideal for military, aerospace, astronomy, biomedical, imaging, laser, digital cinema, solar markets, and more.

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