News | October 24, 2006

Opto Diode Introduces New Photodetector Amplifier Combination

Source: Opto Diode, An ITW Company
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Newbury Park, CA — Opto Diode Corporation, a U.S. manufacturer of advanced performance photodetectors and visible and infrared LEDs, has announced the new ODA-5W-100M Photodetector Amplifier Combination with 100Mohm gain. Packaged in a standard TO-5 can, the detector's visible wavelength responsivity at 660 nm is 40V/µW. The new combination detector-preamp's frequency response is 1 KHz with extremely low dark offset at +/-1mV with dark offset noise at 5mV RMS. Operating specifications are at +/- 15 V, 25 degrees C.

The ODA-5W-100M detector active area is 0 .100 inch diameter. The TO-5 package makes the device easy to integrate and suitable for a variety of applications such as fluorescence and spectroscopy. It is also ideal for any low-light-level tasks where electrical noise levels can affect the photodiode signal if the detector and amplifier are separate components on a PCB. Standard pricing is $25 each in quantities of 1000 pieces. Different gains are also available, depending on customer requirements.

Opto Diode's new photodetector amplifier combination is produced in their on-shore, Southern California wafer fabrication facility. The company is also a premier supplier of standard TO-packaging and custom infrared (IR) and visible LEDs. Please contact the factory for additional specifications and pricing information.

SOURCE: Opto Diode, An ITW Company