Ophir® Power Meter For Fluorescence Microscopy: PD300-MS

Ophir® Power Meter For Fluorescence Microscopy: PD300-MS

The new Ophir® PD300-MS microscope slide power meter designed to make accurate measurements of emitted light from fluorescent microscopes. Measuring power levels of high numerical aperture (NA) objectives, from 5 µW to 1 W, this power meter can be used with a wide range of light sources in such applications as photo-activation or photo-bleaching.

The PD300-MS features a special filter that provides low angular dependence for higher accuracy measurements. The NIST-traceable calibration allows for measurement of wavelengths from 350 nm to 1100 nm. The meter can be used at the sample plane in air or with water/oil immersion objectives without damage. It is compatible with all Ophir meters and PC interfaces.

For additional features and specifications on the PD300-MS, download the available datasheet or check out the video below.

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