News | March 5, 2019

New Mad360™: Precision Rotational Positioning System

New Mad360™: Precision Rotational Positioning System

The Mad360™ is a compact precision rotational stage. The rotational motion is bidirectional and continuous 360°. Minimum rotational steps of 1 milliradian and capable of speeds up to 20 rotations/second, the Mad360™ is a versatile motion control device.

The Mad360™ is compatible with Mad City Labs MMP series micropositioning systems and 60mm cage systems. The design incorporates a center aperture for light transmission. The Mad360™ is ideal for alignment, metrology, magnetic tweezer and optical microscopy applications

About Mad City Labs, Inc.

Mad City Labs, Inc. (Madison WI) is the leading US manufacturer of precision piezo based nanopositioning stages, micropositioners, and nanoscopy instruments.. Our proprietary PicoQ® sensor technology yields picometer precision under closed loop control with exceptional stability. Our products are implemented in electron and optical microscopy, metrology, photonics and imaging applications worldwide. More information about our products and instrument solutions can be viewed at

Source: Mad City Labs, Inc.