News | July 10, 2017

New High Power, Low Risk Mode Strip-Assemblies

Source: Laser Components USA, Inc.
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New High Power, Low Risk Mode Strip-Assemblies

Light Transmission without Cladding Modes

Bedford, NH: LASER COMPONENTS introduced its first own ModeStrip assemblies at LASER World of PHOTONICS. This technology allows for effective transmission of high-power laser light through optical fibers. Cladding modes no longer pose any threat.
In theory, light transmitted through optical fibers is reflected without any loss at the boundary between the fiber core and cladding, but practical experience has shown that a small percentage of the light is absorbed into the cladding in the form of so-called cladding mo-des that may cause thermal problems. With high-power lasers, cladding modes of just 2% or 3% may destroy the connector.
The new assemblies presented by LASER COMPONENTS are equipped with cladding mode strippers. The generated heat is absorbed by a cooling element and no longer presents any danger to the connector.
Cladding mode strippers are most prominently used in high-power systems, such as welding and cutting lasers, or for the pumping of fiber lasers. They are also needed in systems that require high beam qualities without cladding modes or that have to avoid thermal hot spots in the cladding.
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SOURCE: Laser Components USA