13mm2 Photodiode: UVG12

Source: Opto Diode, An ITW Company

Photodiode: UVG12

The new UVG12 from Opto Diode is a 13mm2 photodiode specifically designed for detection between 193 nm and 400nm at 100 percent internal quantum efficiency in the UV and visible regions. Ideal applications for these devices include laser power monitoring, photolithography, and other high powered density applications using ultraviolet light.

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The UVG12 has a typical response of 0.115 A/W, with a minimum response of 0.105, and a maximum response of 0.125 under testing conditions at 254nm. This new photodiode exhibits extreme stability, features operation and storage temperatures from -20°C - 80°C, and displays less than a 2% drop in responsivity after exposure to megajoules/cm2 of 254 nm light. Shipped with a temporary cover for protection, these photodiodes are available at $282.63 per unit.

For more features, parameters, and testing conditions, download the datasheet.

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