Newsletter | February 6, 2024

02.06.24 -- Microscopy In Life Sciences – Exploring The Capabilities

Is A DIY Microscope For You?

Turnkey microscope solutions — engineered to excel in specific applications — perform established techniques exceptionally well. Find out how to determine whether a DIY microscope is an appropriate solution for your application.

Understanding Magnetic Tweezers Use In Single Molecule Microscopy

Magnetic tweezers can apply force and torque to a single molecule and observe its response. At the University of Missouri, Professor Maria Mills and her team use magnetic tweezers to study how proteins alter the structure of DNA. In this article, we will explore the strengths and limitations of magnetic tweezers as used in Professor Mills' research.

Micromirror TIRF Microscopy: Technique And Applications

Micromirror TIRF microscopy is a groundbreaking advancement that offers unprecedented clarity, revolutionizing our understanding of molecular assembly and cellular processes and propelling biological research forward.

Atomic Force Microscopy Enhances The Nanoscopy Toolkit

Atomic force microscopes are ideal for nanomechanical characterization, bringing utility to nanoscopy applications and excelling in conditions where low light presents challenges or sample integrity is vital.

Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopes: Capabilities And Applications

NSOM techniques and instrumentation have evolved to become vital tools for material characterization, providing high-quality data and continually expanding utility.