Mad City Labs Custom Solutions And OEM Partnerships

Mad City Labs Custom Solutions And OEM Partnerships

Mad City Labs offers a broad range of custom solutions able to meet specialized requirements ranging from simple modifications of existing designs to completely custom projects. Customers can move easily from project concept to reality with in-house research scientists’ extensive knowledge of UHV instrumentation, optical spectroscopy, and nanotechnology. Mad City labs also develops custom firmware and dll’s to speed up final product development by incorporating special motion profiles into a OEM Nano-Drive® controller.

These custom solutions are made without NRE charges and without any requirements for multiple unit orders. Some customized options include special physical configurations, expanded or reduced range of motion, compatibility with environmental conditions, and use of special materials. Mad City Labs’ OEM partnership opportunities offer custom designs without engineering charges, prototype systems for performance testing, and board level OEM controllers for integration into larger systems.

Custom Solutions Key Features:

  • Fast delivery without added design costs
  • In-house CNC fabrication under direct control of designers
  • Specialty materials
  • UHV expertise
  • OEM designs with customized or board level controllers

For more information on Mad City Lab’s custom solutions, OEM partnerships, and OEM Nano-Drive® Controllers, download the respective brochure pages.

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