Lowest Profile 2-Axis Nanopositioner: Nano-Bio Series


The Nano-Bio series offers ultra-low profile XY piezo nanopositioning systems with up to 300 microns of travel per axis. The Nano-Bio Series includes exclusive PicoQ® sensors yielding low noise and high stability performance under closed loop control. These attributes make this series ideal for single molecule microscopy, optical trapping, and atomic force microscopy.

The low-profile design allows the Nano-Bio Series to be easily integrated into existing inverted microscopes, AFM’s and other instrumentation where space is limited. The large center aperture allows the Nano-Bio to accommodate the lenses of all major microscope manufacturers. Available models include the Nano-Bio100, Nano-Bio200, and Nano-Bio300 which are constructed from aluminum and are ideal for optical microscopy.

For additional information on the Nano-Bio series, download the datasheet.