Laser Beam Diagnostics: PyroCam™ Pyroelectric Array Camera

Source: Ophir Photonics

Laser Beam Diagnostics: PyroCamâ„¢ Pyroelectric Array Camera

Pyrocam pyroelectric array cameras by Ophir Photonics have been designed to create clear and illuminating images of IR and UV laser beam profiles in both 2D and 3D views. They cover the 13 to 355nm and 1.06 to >3000µm spectral ranges and can be used with CO2 lasers, telecom NIR lasers, THz sources, excimer lasers, and Nd:YAG lasers.

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There are currently two different camera models available in this series. The Pyrocam IIIHR offers a ½ X ½ inch detector array with easy Windows® camera setup and quantitative image display through Ophir’s BeamGage® software, 16 bit digitizer, versatile Gigabit Ethernet PC interface, and an integral chopper for CW beams and thermal imaging. The Pyrocam IV offers the same features, but with a 1 x 1 inch detector array.

Both models also feature an integrated chopper for CW beams and thermal imaging, interchangeable windows, and BeamGage laser beam analysis software for quantitative analysis and image display.

Whether your laser is CW or pulsed, or used in applications ranging from eye surgery to fiber optic communications, PyroCam pyroelectric array cameras are ideal for measuring and profiling its beam. Download the datasheet for more information.

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