Datasheet | June 16, 2016

Datasheet: ITO Coating

Source: PG & O Precision Glass & Optics

PG&O is an industry leader as a supplier of optics and thin film coating. Our ITO Coating is an addition to our currently existing optical product offering.

ITO Coating (Indium-tin Oxide) is a type of coating that is used in several optics applications. Our ITO Coatings offer sheet resistivities from several thousand ohms/sq. to less than 5 ohms/sq. These coatings are designed to be used from 425nm - 675nm with tolerances from ±5% - ±10%. We can customize our ITO coating to match your exact requirements. We can also add our BBAR coating to increase transmission and index match our ITO to your substrate.

ITO Coatings can be used for several things including, but not limited to: Electrical heating, solar cell arrays, electro-magnetic shielding and static elimination.

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