Newsletter | December 5, 2023

12.05.23 -- Is Your Motion Control Up To The Nanoscale Challenge?

Positioning At The Nanoscale (And Below): Trust In Proven Performance

Through a deep knowledge of sensing technologies, technically adept personnel, and experience across a bevy of applications, Mad City Labs helps our customers operate smaller and more cost-effectively than any competitor. We want you to say, “show me what you have done,” and “tell me how you can make this work for my application.”


Confirming Picometer Performance Of Nanopositioning Systems

Deciphering nanopositioner specifications across vendors can be difficult due to variations in definitions, units, and data presentation. Transparency, achievability, and verifiability are key for specifications.


Close Is Not Close Enough: Micropositioners’ Role In Nanopositioning

Did you know that micropositioners can affect movement, positioning capability, and task effectiveness at the nanoscale? Discover how this is done by creating a — literal — solid foundation for nanoscale work.


Understand Noise At The Sub-Nanometer Scale

Even a small amount of uncertainty in nanopositioner accuracy can result in noise in a measurement. Find out why knowing what position noise is and where it originates is crucial to determining the real accuracy of your nanopositioner.


What Are Nanopositioning Systems?

Shannon from Mad City Labs provides an informative overview of the company's nanopositioning systems product line, highlighting the key attributes of nanopositioners.



MadAFM™: A New Sample Scanning AFM

The MadAFM™ atomic force microscope is designed for ease of use and simple installation and equipped with industry-leading closed-loop nanopositioners for precision movement of the sample and probe.

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