IR LED Chips

Source: Opto Diode, An ITW Company

IR LED Chips feature high-reliability LPE GaA1As structure, gold alloy contacts, open center of emission availability, and up to 200mA continuous current
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  • High reliability LPE GaAlAs structure
  • Gold alloy contacts
  • Open center of emission available
  • Up to 200mA continuous current

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Product Catalog: Opto Diode -- Innovators In Optoelectronics
Datasheet: High-Power GaAlAs IR Emitter Chips: Model OD-880-C
Datasheet: High-Power GaAlAs IR Emitter Chips: Model OD-148-C
Datasheet: High-Power GaAlAs Emitter Chips: Model OD-24x24-C

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