Article | July 9, 2021

Interfacing Options On PC For Power/Energy Detectors

We often get questions at Gentec-EO about what interfacing options are available with our power and energy detectors. Interfacing here refers to the different methods by which you can communicate with the detector, may it be to read its output, change its settings or display the measurements in a user interface, etc. We offer multiple options in that regard, with some options requiring more tinkering to implement than the others, but in exchange, they may offer a higher degree of flexibility in what you can accomplish. We summarize them below, in order from easiest to use to most complex.

NOTE: in general, most interfacing options will require you to install the USB drivers of the meter that you are using. For example, if you are using UP19K-15S-H5-D0 with U-LINK (USB), you would install the USB drivers of U-LINK (the detector itself has no drivers). Without USB drivers, you may encounter communication problems, although in some cases, it may still work without even installing them, because they are common generic drivers. This is especially useful to know when working with Linux-based systems (discussed below).

The simplest and most readily available interfacing option is to go with our own software. The PC-GENTEC-EO software is compatible with most of our meters. Some legacy models use different software, but it generally works the same as PC-GENTEC-EO. PC-GENTEC-EO provides a simple user interface with essential functions such as statistics gathering and data logging. There is also a visualization panel that allows you to see the data in real time either as a graph display, histogram display or needle display.

Below are screenshots of some of the different display modes available in PC-GENTEC-EO, including histogram, needle, scope, graph and statistics.

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