Newsletter | September 20, 2023

09.20.23 -- How Hexapods Improve Confocal Microscopy


How Hexapods Improve Confocal Microscopy

Hexapods enhance confocal microscopy with precise 3D positioning, vibration damping, autofocusing, image stabilization, and large-scale scanning. They're ideal for complex imaging tasks in biological and materials science research, easily integrated with other imaging modalities, and user-friendly.


Filter Specs Vs. Functional Specs – The Pitfall Of Double Margining

In designing a filter solution, the filter manufacturer takes the values requested by the user and adds additional design margin to account for both functional effects and filter manufacturing effects such as edge steepness, nonuniformity, and wavelength targeting.

Nanopositioning Automation For The Quantum Era

The rapid emergence of quantum technology is transforming science fiction into practical reality, with various industries and ventures exploring its potential across diverse fields, including photonics.

Applications Of Photodetectors, LEDs, And More

Opto Diode offers a range of reliable photodiodes, IR detectors, LEDs, emitters, assemblies, and photonic modules for military, medical, and commercial applications.

New Intensified sCMOS Camera Technology Improves High-Speed Analysis

Intensified sCMOS provides the technical solution when other imaging technology does not meet your application’s speed, exposure time, or resolution requirements.


How To Use Hexapod 6-DOF Motion And Positioning Systems

Discover the versatile uses of hexapod positioning systems (Stewart Platforms) for multi-axis positioning, motion simulation, and six degrees of freedom with adjustable pivot point.

Lenses For The 3D Measurement Of Rotor Blades In The Renewable Energy Sector

3D measurement of rotors during production helps improve wind turbine quality and durability while reducing costs.

Principles Of Scanning Nitrogen Vacancy Magnetometry Explained

Scanning NV magnetometry might not achieve atomic scale resolution, but it provides very high spatial resolution and acceptable magnetic sensitivity compared to other techniques.

The Ruggedization Of Imaging Lenses

Industrial imaging lenses have unique requirements, leading to the development of ruggedized lenses for specific scenarios.


IPG Photonics Launches New Dual-Beam Laser With The Highest Single-Mode Core Power

Waterloo Researchers Make Significant Step Toward Processing Quantum Information

Researchers Investigate Phenomena On The Nanoscale With Microstructured Fibers

Ascent Solar Technologies Achieves 15.5% In Cell Production Efficiency

KAIST Builds A High-Resolution 3D Holographic Sensor Using A Single Mask

Laser Photonics Introduces CleanTech Robotic Cell Enclosure To Automate Laser Cleaning

Laser Cutting Under Water

Imaging The Invisible

Growing Triple-Decker Hybrid Crystals For Lasers

Copper-Doped Tungstic Acid Nanocrystals Transform Infrared Light Conversion

New Material Concept Allows More Cost-Effective Production Of Blue OLEDs


A Broadening Spectral Range For Optical Coatings And Filters

Peter Egerton updated us on the advancements made by Alluxa during Photonics West 2022. Alluxa's in-house proprietary deposition process offers high uniformity and stability, allowing for steeper slopes and deeper blocking while maintaining high transmission.


Video: Quantum Cascade Solutions

Product Manager Gary Spingarn of Hamamatsu discussed quantum cascade lasers and their low power consumption packages with Photonics Online during Defense + Commercial Sensing 2022. Hamamatsu also offers quantum cascade detectors and infrared LEDs.


Linear Ultra Sonic Motors

Canon's new ultra sonic piezo motor is compact, quiet, and accurate for linear positioning applications.

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Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components

Optical Spectrum Analyzer: CWDM

BaySpec's embedded CWDM OSA offers precise measurements and powerful processing for CWDM applications.

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BaySpec Inc.

MIRO ALTITUDE Touchscreen Display For Power And Energy Measurement

The MIRO ALTITUDE from Gentec-EO is a touchscreen display device for power and energy measurement using single-channel, multiple outputs.

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Gentec Electro-Optics, Inc.

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