News | February 10, 2017

High-Power Laser Mirrors Reflect Three Wavelengths

High-Power Laser Mirrors Reflect Three Wavelengths

New Coating Technology Leads to Cost-effective Triple Mirrors

LASER COMPONENTS developed a new coating process for so-called triple mirrors that makes it possible to apply this complex layer design in one pass. Coatings for three wavelengths used to have to be manufactured in two passes. The new method not only results in higher specifications, but it also has the additional advantage of a shorter duration of production.

Furthermore, the new applied coating unit contains more substrates than before, allowing larger amounts to be produced. This positively affects the unit price.

Triple mirrors are used, for example, in Nd:YAG laser systems that emit at the fundamental wavelength 1064 nm (IR) and have harmonic waves at 532 nm (green) and 355 nm (UV). Customers can pick their wavelengths individually – many combinations are possible.

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