FLEXPOINT Machine Vision Lasers: MVstereo

FLEXPOINT® Machine Vision Lasers: MVstereo

A prerequisite for 3-D stereo image processing requires the clear allocation of pixels in both camera images and in an image comparison. However, this is only possible on clearly textured surfaces, making it nearly impossible to clearly allocate monochrome surfaces with little or repetitive texture. Markers, or random patterns on the surface, are needed for assistance in the measuring process. LASER COMPONENTS now offers the FLEXPOINT MVstereo, a random pattern projector with 33,000 dots for 3-D stereo image processing.

The FLEXPOINT MVstereo is designed to project a random dot matrix, in which each dot is allocated a certain position. This projector is available with 660 nm or 830 nm, and adjustable focus without removing the optics, a 4.5 – 30 VDC supply voltage, and a 19 mm industrial housing. Each laser projector is eye-safe, and microprocessor controlled.

For more information on the MVstereo laser projector, download the available datasheet.

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