16-Element Photodiode for Electron Detection

Source: Opto Diode, An ITW Company

16-Element Photodiode for Electron Detection

Opto Diode's new 16-element detector (model AXUV16ELG) is ideal for UV/EUV electron detection. Offered in a 40-pin dual in-line package, it has a 2mm x 5mm active area with a sensitive area of 10mmper element.  The detector features 100% internal quantum efficiency, and stable response after exposure to high energy electrons or photons.

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Additional specifications for this photodiode include:

  • Reverse breakdown voltage- 25 Volts (typ) at IR=1µA
  • Capacitance- 40 pF (max) at VR = 0V
  • Rise Time- 500 nsec (typ) at VR = 0V
  • Shunt Resistance (per element) 100 MOhms (min) at Vf = +10mV

For additional information on thermal parameters, responsivity and more, download the datasheet.

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