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11.20.23 -- Bioprocessing Illuminated: Harnessing The Magic Of Raman Spectroscopy


Bioprocessing Illuminated: Harnessing The Magic Of Raman Spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy provides a powerful tool for molecular analysis, while bioprocessing plays a crucial role in the production of bioproducts. Let’s take a look at how the integration of these two fields contributes to advancements in various scientific and industrial applications.


Basic Principles Of Raman Scattering And Spectroscopy

Raman scattering is a phenomenon where a sample scatters light, offering insights into material composition. Understand Raman setups, including laser power thresholds and detector optimization.

XUV, Soft X-Ray, And EUV Spectroscopy With A CCD Camera

Explore how one company used CCD cameras to collect and investigate molecular and atomic spectra from the infrared into the soft X-ray and short ultraviolet wavelength regions. 

D-Mannitol Polymorph Analysis Using Raman Spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy is an ideal analysis technique for the analysis of these polymorphs with its vibrational spectroscopy, no need for sample preparation, and its non-destructive approach. 


Surface Quality Standards For Optical Filters

Surface quality standards establish acceptable flaws on optical components that affect performance. Proper specification of these standards is crucial to achieving performance balance.

Finding The Needle In The Haystack: Raman Analysis And The Role Of Optical Filters

Most Raman microscopy applications seek to maximize access to the Raman fingerprint of the molecule of interest. Explore the role of optical filters for both benchtop and portable Raman applications.

Optical Delay Line Stages — How Do They Work?

Very precise path length control in optical delay lines is critical to techniques in transient absorption spectroscopy (using pump-probe), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), and many other applications.


Krelltech Introduces The GEO System

The Long And Short Of It: An Add-On To Lasers Realises Star Interiors In The Lab

Autonomous Lab Discovers Best-In-Class Quantum Dot In Hours

Photo-Induced Superconductivity On A Chip

Tracking Down Quantum Flickering Of The Vacuum

Ondine Biomedical’s Nasal Photodisinfection Named Leading Biomedical Technology

Syntec Optics (Nasdaq: OPTX) Awarded Contract For Light-Weight Night Vision Optics

$3M To Boost State-Of-The-Art Solar Manufacturing

Laser Photonics Receives Order For The CleanTech Laser Cleaning System

Nanoscribe Introduces 3D Printing By 2GL For Superior Quality At Unrivaled Speed

ILLUMA-T Launches To The International Space Station

SiLC Secures $25M In Additional Funding To Advance Machine Vision For AI Applications


Photodiode Pigtail Assembly

The FCI-InGaAs-XX-XX-XX with active area of 70 µm and 120 µm is part of OSI Optoelectronics’ family of high-speed IR sensitive detectors with fiber pigtail package.

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OSI Optoelectronics

High-Speed InGaAs PIN Photodiodes

The FD80 Series from Fermionics Opto-Technology are high-speed, low-dark-current, low-capacitance photodiodes. The innovative InGaAs product line is designed specifically for use in extremely tight spaces, such as high-speed communication systems.

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