Newsletter | February 3, 2024

02.03.24 -- Best Of January: Spectroscopy, DUV Coatings, And More!


How Spectroscopy Is Ensuring Food Safety

The impact of ingesting plastics isn’t fully known, but, c’mon, it can’t be good. Fortunately, numerous detection methods are being used to keep plastics out of our foods and drinks, including spectroscopy.


What Is A Cold Mirror Useful For?

Article | Abrisa Technologies

Cold mirrors are much like hot mirrors in that they are used to separate IR from the non-IR. Discover the distinctions between the two mirror types and which applications benefit from using cold mirrors.

Facility, Port, And Border Security And Surveillance

Article | Sensors Unlimited Inc., An RTX Company

As the U.S. continues to increase its security at border crossings, airports, and other points of entry, biometrics will play an important role. SWIR cameras can help identify disguises at the border and therefore supplement security efforts.

The Role Of DUV Coatings In Enabling Next-Gen Semiconductor Devices

Article | G&H

The latest innovation in optical coatings technology is helping to meet the evolving requirements of today’s semiconductor industry. Explore how developments in DUV coatings can optimize your laser tool performance at even shorter wavelengths.


Excelitas Technologies Acquires Heraeus Noblelight

Scientists Discover How Ultraviolet Light Degrades Coronavirus

Perovskite LEDs, A Thousand Times Brighter Than OLEDs

ANELLO Photonics Unveils Breakthrough In Aerial, Maritime, And Terrestrial Navigation

Research Group Secures Funding To Develop Quantum Sensors As An Alternative To GPS


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