News | January 27, 2020

Alluxa Introduces High Performance 10.6 µm Infrared Notch Filter

Source: Alluxa, Inc.
PR - 10.6 um IR Notch Filter

Santa Rosa, Calif. – Alluxa, Inc., a global leader in high-performance optical coatings and filters and thin-film deposition technologies, introduces a breakthrough 10.6 µm infrared (IR) notch filter with optical density > 4.0 (OD4). The innovative, high-layer-count IR optical coating is produced by utilizing Alluxa’s proprietary deposition capabilities that now deliver groundbreaking optical coating performance in the 8 µm to 12 µm spectral range.

The new 10.6 µm notch filter is a leap forward in IR coating technology. It features hundreds of layers to achieve blocking of OD4 at the laser wavelength. The filter matches the theoretical design spectrum very closely.

CCO Peter Egerton notes, “With this new high-layer-count capability, we can create more complex infrared spectral functions and optical solutions. This will benefit customers who are looking to solve complex problems, whether they need notch filters, multi-bandpass, dichroic, or even arbitrary spectral shapes. We have been making high-performance IR filters using the Sirrusdeposition process for several years, but the 10.6 µm OD4 notch filter highlights our advanced capability in the 8 µm to 12 µm range. We look forward to creating the best possible solutions for our customers with advanced IR spectral-management challenges.”

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Alluxa ( – Santa Rosa, CA) designs and manufactures next generation, hard-coated optical filters using a proprietary plasma deposition process. The company’s unique, purpose-built deposition platform and control systems were designed, developed, and built by our team to address the demanding requirements of the next generation of systems and instruments.  Our objectives are to increase production capability and continue to provide > 99% on-time delivery while creating the world’s most challenging filters at breakthrough price points.

Source: Alluxa, Inc.