Alluxa Introduces Groundbreaking PVD Process With Extended Spectral Performance For Optical Filters From UV To IR

Source: Alluxa, Inc.
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Santa Rosa, Calif. – January 25, 2022 – Alluxa, Inc., a global leader in high-performance optical coatings and filters and thin-film deposition technologies, introduces a groundbreaking capability in extending the spectral optical coating performance.

The innovative, next-generation SIRRUS™ plasma physical vapor deposition (PVD) platform now offers full spectral coverage from ultraviolet (200 nm) to infrared (14 μm).

The proprietary process enables optical filters with the steepest edges, highest transmission, and deepest blocking available while maintaining high-performance, precision wavelength control, and extremely uniform coatings.

The new extended spectral performance is available on a variety of Alluxa’s optical filters, including ultra-narrow bandpass filters, bandpass filters, dichroic, notch, and multiband filters. The UV to Mid-IR coatings can also be deposited on various substrate shapes and sizes and even on large format parts. Other SIRRUS PVD features include high-volume output, quick turn manufacturing of new designs, and very high layer counts that deliver the highest possible spectral performance.

Alluxa’s Chief Commercial Officer, Peter Egerton notes, “We are excited to announce this exciting new optical coating technology that enables Alluxa to create the best optical solutions with advanced UV-IR spectral-management capabilities for our customers. We’ve had our SIRRUS plasma deposition process for some time, but this next-generation plasma PVD highlights our advanced capability in the extended spectrum from 200 nm to 14 μm range and to our commitment to high performance thin-film filters and complex optical solutions.”

Alluxa ( – Santa Rosa, CA) designs and manufactures next generation, hard-coated optical filters using a proprietary plasma deposition process. The company’s unique, purpose-built deposition platform and control systems were designed, developed, and built by our team to address the demanding requirements of the next generation of systems and instruments. Our objectives are to increase production capability and continue to provide > 99% on-time delivery while creating the world’s most challenging filters at breakthrough price points.