News | May 4, 2020

A New Way Of Looking At Glass: Laser Components And Isuzu Glass Offer High-Quality Alternatives In Colored Glass Filters

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Bedford, N.H.  – When you hear the word Isuzu, most people think automobiles and trucks, but they do not equate the word or brand with glass. For over a century, Isuzu Glass has been developing specialized techniques in molded optics, transmissive, and colored glass filters. Utilizing their innovative expertise and unique manufacturing methods, Laser Components USA, Inc, is pleased to announce its partnership with Isuzu Glass, is an industry leader in supplying a variety of high-quality optronics products to customers world-wide.
With their patented melting and molding technologies, these glass products can perform special functions in the wavelength range of invisible ultraviolet and far-infrared rays. Isuzu Glass can respond to customers’ specific needs, using test furnaces, manufacturing small batch quantities of glass, with different spectral characteristics and other tailor-made functions. The glass filters are custom designed, providing high quality output. Free form molding technology offers many advantages over conventional glass techniques, with products delivered in under six (6) weeks. R&D departments, for example, can obtain the samples they need quickly, in various varieties and shapes.  
In addition to using small test furnaces and free form molding, other benefits of Isuzu Glass include the ability to connect custom and new filter designs and substitutions for multiple wavelength options that, not only colored glasses but also coatings, not found in regular glass. This is not only advantageous from a design perspective, but a cost advantage as well. These can be easily fabricated and multiprocessed and used in a variety of applications such as medical devices, UV related sensors, lasers, semiconductors, precision machinery and energy related equipment. In addition to the demand for UV LEDs, colored optical glass is also being used in studying the stars in the universe, in high-powered telescopes.  
With a wide array of products, state of the art and innovative technology, and years of experience, Isuzu Glass strives to make quality products and their customers their top priority. If you are looking for a custom solution in glass filters, look no further than Isuzu Glass.  
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