Datasheet | January 19, 2018

13.5 nm Directly-Deposited Thin-Film Filter Photodetectors: SXUV100TF135B Datasheet

Source: Opto Diode, An ITW Company

The new SXUV100TF135B 13.5 nm is a directly-deposited thin-film filter photodetectors ideal for electrical performance in many applications, including laser power monitoring, semiconductor photolithography, and metrology systems that utilize extreme ultraviolet light. The SXUV100TF135B is optimized for zero bias voltage operation where low dark current is vital, and it features a high shunt resistance greater than 10 MΩ. It offers excellent stability and robust design for use in extreme ultraviolet environments. For additional information on the thin-film filter photodetectors, download the available datasheet.