TELOPS Downloads

  1. High-Speed Infrared Camera: FAST-IR M350z Datasheet

    The FAST 350z camera from the FAST-IR series is designed with high sensitivity for the detection of challenging targets in many IR signature and target ranging applications. This camera has a maximum data throughput larger than 1 Gigapixel/s and can produce thermal images at rates up to 355 fps. Features include 1 GB memory for autonomous operation, an InSb detector type, and an operating spectral range from 3.6 μm to 4.9 μm.

  2. Hyper-Cam Hyperspectral Imaging Camera Family Datasheet

    The Telops Hyper-Cam is an advanced standoff infrared hyperspectral imaging system. This remote sensing instrument combines high spatial, spectral and temporal resolution providing unmatched performance. It is a versatile tool for remote detection, identification and quantification, and is ideal for field measurements.

  3. Multispectral Infrared Camera: MS-IR Family Datasheet

    Telops’ MS-IR family is composed of multispectral imaging cameras available in MW and VLW configurations. They have the ability to split a scene into eight separate spectral bands, and are particularly well suited for quartz mineral identification and methane detection and identification.

  4. High Performance Infrared Camera: HDR-IR Family Datasheet

    This high performance infrared camera family comes with InSb detectors and covers the 3µm to 5µm spectral range. Download the datasheet to learn more about its features and specifications.

  5. FAST-IR Infrared Camera Series Datasheet

    The FAST-IR infrared cameras can be used for a variety of imaging applications including combustion analysis, and include key features such as sensitivity for targets that are difficult to detect, self-adjustment to fast temperature changes, and availability of real-time calibrated images.

  6. Real-Time Methane Detection and Imaging: Hyper-Cam Methane Datasheet

    This gas imaging camera is ideal for applications involving landfill characterization, the exploration and exploitation of natural gas, and for environmental research.

  7. Telops’ High Performance Infrared Cameras: An Overview

    Telops offers a suite of high-performance infrared cameras for defense, environmental, and scientific applications. This brochure provides an overview of their many camera offerings.

  8. Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) Core Module Brochure

    The Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) Core Module is available in the LWIR or MWIR bands and is capable of producing images up to 320 x 256 pixels. It is composed of two physical mechanisms, the optical head and the control and processing box, which can be installed several meters apart in order to deliver the flexibility needed for specific solution requirements.