Spectroscopy Videos

  1. An Intro To Advanced Hyperspectral Imaging

    Hyperspectral imaging technology has advanced significantly in the last 50 years, and Greg Staples with Bayspec talked with us for a few minutes at the 2016 SPIE DCS exhibition about how it has changed.

  2. Machine Vision, POC Medical Instruments, Non-Dispersive IR, & Photo-Acoustic Spectroscopy Filters

    This year at Photonics West, Jason Palidwar with Iridian Spectral Technologies gave us insight into the three optical filtering solutions his company is focusing on in 2016.

  3. A New Paradigm In FT-IR Spectroscopy

    Si-Ware Systems drew a lot of positive attention at Photonics West 2015 with their Prism award winning MEMS spectral sensors. Bassam Saadany and Mostafa Medhat met with Photonics Online on the last day of the show so we could get a glimpse of the sensors in person and see them in action. If you’re looking to replace your standard bench top FT-IR spectrometer with something much smaller and much less expensive, then this video is most certainly for you.

  4. SERDS | The Next Generation Of Raman Spectroscopy

    PD-LD's LS-2 LabSource is a dual-source benchtop module features two laser sources, rendering it unique relative to other benchtop Raman modules. These laser sources are VBG-stabilized, and are available in standard and custom wavelengths.

  5. 20 Years In Spectroscopy

    Watch this video from Avantes for news on a recent redesign of their tungsten-halogen light source, some beam splitter combiner accessories, and the latest addition to their line of high-sensitivity spectrometers.

  6. New Green Laser For Raman Spectroscopy, Flow Cytometry, Confocal Microscopy

    Bob Struthers of PD-LD introduces us to its new 530nm green laser at Photonics West 2013.

  7. High Resolution, High Throughput Spectrometers For Raman Spectroscopy Applications

    Ed Albe and Jeffrey Meade of Tornado Spectral Systems tell us about the HyperFlux U1 HTVS (high throughput virtual slit) enabled spectrometer at Photonics West 2013.