Sensors Unlimited Videos

  1. Video: Photovoltaics - Solar Cell EL Inspection At 60fps

    This video shows a movie of a small solar cell section being driven to luminance by a square wave pulse from a function generator running at 1 Hz.

  2. Video: Visible Camera Imaging: The San Francisco Bay

    This visible camera movie was taken of the San Francisco Bay Bridge in July 2008, and you can hardly see the bridge, let alone the car traffic on the bridge.

  3. Video: SWIR Camera Imaging: The San Francisco Bay

    Movie taken by a SWIR camera (Goodrich model SU640KTSX), which responds in the 0.9 to 1.7 micron wavelength range. Longer wavelengths penetrate the haze, providing clear detail of the ship traffic, buildings, and vegetation on the hills behind the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

  4. Video: Visible vs. SWIR Camera Imaging

    This aerial video alternates between visible footage to shortwave infrared, both imaging the same forest fire scene. Note how the SWIR imager, captured with Sensors Unlimited's SU640KTSX camera, clearly shows the location of the flames, which the smoke hides from the visible camera.

  5. Video: SWIR Retinal Scan

    The OCT video shows a high-speed, high-resolution, flythrough of a wide angle fundus area. The video images were captured using Sensors Unlimited’s SU-LDH SWIR linescan camera.