Sensors Unlimited News

  1. Sensors Unlimited Near-IR MicroCameras On UAVs
    Sensors Unlimited, Inc. announces the latest application for the SU320US-1.7RT InGaAs NIR Snapshot MicroCamera™ as payload on miniature unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other robotic systems
  2. SUI Unveils Breakthrough Miniature, Dual-Wavelength MicroCamera
    SUI introduces the world’s smallest dual-wavelength Visible-InGaAs Snapshot MicroCamera. SUI’s proprietary miniaturization technology delivers an unparalleled 2.5 ounce camera (less than 70 grams), dramatically smaller than previous 11-ounce dual-wavelength imagers
  3. SUI's High-Sensitivity Near-IR Area Cameras Now Shipping
    SUI (Sensors Unlimited, Inc.), part of Goodrich Corporation, has developed an extremely high-resolution area camera for capturing images in the 900 nm to1700 nm waveband range.
  4. SUI Introduces Near-IR Snapshot MiniCam With High Frame Rate Windowing
    SUI (Sensors Unlimited, Inc.), part of Goodrich Corporation, specialists in near-infrared imaging using indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) imaging technology announces a breakthrough minicamera with windowing for high speed imaging
  5. SUI Now Shipping Dual Wavelength Visible/Near-IR Camera In OEM Quantities
    SUI, Part Of Goodrich Corporation recently introduced the world’s smallest dual wavelength imager.
  6. SUI Awarded U.S. Air Force R&D Contract
    SUI, Part Of Goodrich Corporation, a leading manufacturer of short-wave infrared cameras, announces a new USAF contract to research and design a communication device that can be added to their proprietary dual-spectrum camera.
  7. SUI Introduces The World's Smallest Dual Wavelength, Visible & Near-Infrared Camera
    SUI, Part Of Goodrich Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of InGaAs short-wave infrared sensors, cameras and components introduces Visible-InGaAs, the world’s smallest dual wavelength range camera that simultaneously images in the visible and short-wave infrared spectrum.
  8. New Breed Of SWIR Cameras Previewed For Military, Security And Commercial Tasks
    This summer, SUI (Sensors Unlimited, Inc.), part of Goodrich Corporation will launch a new breed of full-featured Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) cameras said to be the smallest, most economical, most stable and easiest to use of anything available today.