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  1. The Third Infrared Window

    Long wave infrared (LWIR) and mid-wave infrared (MWIR) sensors and cameras have been used in military settings for detecting human activity through thermal emissions. Using the short wave infrared (SWIR) portion of the spectrum extends unique capabilities that often compliment LWIR and MWIR imaging. 

  2. NIR InGaAs Pixel Chip Fabrication

    InGaAs pixel chips are utilized in various products including 2D NIR/SWIR cameras, NIR/SWIR linear arrays and avalanche photodiodes (APDs). This application note presents the process of creating NIR pixel chips starting at the crystal growth of semiconducting InGaAs on an InP substrate wafer to the product inspection.

  3. Datasheet: InGaAs Linear Photodiode Arrays for SWIR (0.9 to 2.2 µm)

    Extended InGaAs wavelength sensitivity to 2.2-µm makes these line-scan sensors ideal for thermal machine vision applications or for spectroscopy requiring sensitivity at the 1.95-µm water bands or 1.7-µm C-H bands...

  4. SWIR Clip On System: Warrior C2S Datasheet

    The Warrior C2S is a clip on system that mounts directly to an SLR camera, taking it from a standard visible imaging system to one with SWIR (shortwave infrared) imaging capabilities.

  5. Datasheet: High Performance SWIR 50 mm Lens

    UTC Aerospace Systems (Sensors Unlimited Products) introduces the high performance SWIR Optimized 50mm Lens for advanced imaging in the 0.7 to 1.7 micron spectral range.

  6. Datasheet: 1024LDH2

    UTC Aerospace Systems' (Sensors Unlimited Products) LDH2 high speed camera features an increased line rate to over 91,900 lines per second, making it ideal for spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) imaging applications.

  7. Datasheet: High Sensitivity Mil-Hardened InGaAs SWIR Camera: SU640HSX

    The high sensitivity InGaAs SWIR SU640HSX mil-hardened camera is smaller, lighter weight, and consumes less power than cooled mid-wave or long-wave infrared imagers and competing germanium-based cameras.

  8. Datasheet: SU-LDH Digital Linescan Camera for Photovoltaic Inspection

    The new SU-LDH-1.7 Linear Digital High speed InGaAs Camera increases line rates for 1024 pixels to over 46,000 lines per second for spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT), NIR spectroscopy and machine vision.

  9. Short Wave Infrared Enhances Machine Vision

    SWIR (short wave infrared) imaging is especially useful for measuring, monitoring, and controlling the reliability and quality control aspects of manufacturing and industrial processes.

  10. Impressions From BiOS 2013

    The SPIE annual conferences, BiOS and Photonics West, recently ended for 2013 with a record number of more than 2,000 technical papers presented on biophotonics methods, systems, and applications. The diversity of applications of optical coherence tomography (OCT) continues to expand, with papers featuring new 3D and even 4D imaging capability in the eye, arteries, and lungs. Raman spectroscopy and NIR spectroscopy had significant sessions for biomedical applications, as did diffuse optical tomography (DOT). It is an exciting time for biophotonics, with new companies thinking out of the box to innovate healthcare diagnostics and solutions. It reminds me of the excitement of the 1990s during the expansion phase of digital telecom, as students graduated from the research labs and began applying their knowledge to real-world problems. By Doug Malchow, Director, Business Development, Industrial Products UTC Aerospace Systems (Sensors Unlimited Products)