Sensors / Detectors Products

  1. Tailored Solutions For Optimal Sensors

    First Sensor provides a continuous tailored process for assisting customers in finding the optimum sensor solutions for standard sensors, modifications thereof, or a custom development. This process begins with the analyzation of the customers’ specific task, and then moves to the creation of a plan, and the development and management of the entire sensor solution.

  2. Laser Sensors For High Power Lasers Without Water Cooling

    Ophir Photonics offers a series of thermal laser sensors designed for measuring high pulse laser energies without the need for large, water-cooled devices. The L40(150)A, L40(150)A-LP1, L50(150)A, and L30C-LP1-26-SH use short laser pulses of 0.1 to 1 second to make laser power measurements up to 8000 W or higher.

  3. Ultra-Small MEMS-FPI Spectrum Sensor

    Hamamatsu offers the new C13272 ultra-small, narrow range spectrum sensor with a MEMS-FPI tunable filter. It is constructed of a MEMS FPI chip and an InGaAs PIN photodetector with a spectral response range from 1.55 µm to 1.85 µm. This spectral response rate makes the sensor suitable for materials identification and process control in industrial environments.

  4. PowerMax-Pro Sensor

    The PowerMax-Pro Sensor from Coherent is the newest device in sensor technology designed to enhance productivity and quality while improving measurement speed. This sensor features a technological advancement in laser power sensing that combines the response speed of a semiconductor photodiode with the broad wavelength sensitivity, dynamic range, and laser damage resistance of a thermopile.