Photron News

  1. Photron’s New Range Version Hardware Extends The Operating Temperature Of Fastcam High Speed Camera Family
    Photron, Inc., a global high speed imaging systems and image analysis software manufacturer, introduces a new option that enhances two select models from the Fastcam SA high speed camera family.
  2. Photron Named 'Industry Partner' By The California NanoSystems Institute At UCLA
    Photron, Inc., a global high speed imaging systems and image analysis software manufacturer, has been named an “Industry Partner” by the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).
  3. Photron’s High Speed, High Performance CMOS Camera Delivers 3,600 fps At 1,024 x 1,024 Pixel Resolution
    Photron, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high speed cameras and motion analysis software systems, introduces the high performance, high speed CMOS sensor, the Fastcam SA4, providing 3,600 frames per second (fps) operation at full pixel resolution (1,024 x 1, 024).
  4. Photron’s Ultra-High Speed Camera Selected For Slow Motion Imaging On Discovery Channel’s Time Warp
    Photron, Inc., is supplying the high speed Fastcam SA1 camera for the slow motion imaging of fascinating phenomena, animal behavior, and human feats on Discovery Channel’s new hit television series, Time Warp.
  5. Photron's High Speed Cameras Selected For Slow Motion Imaging At Beijing Summer 2008 Olympics
    Photron, Inc., a global high speed imaging systems and image analysis software manufacturer, has been chosen to provide the high speed cameras for the Beijing Summer Olympics 2008.
  6. Photron's Multi-Head High Speed Camera Wins "Crash Test Innovation of the Year" Award
    Photron, Inc., a global, high speed imaging system and image analysis software supplier, has been awarded the prestigious “Crash Test Innovation of the Year” award for their revolutionary Fastcam MH4, a multi-head, high speed video system
  7. Photron Teams With Electrophysics To Offer High Speed, Visible & Thermal Imaging Seminars & Labs
    Photron, Inc., experts in ultra-high-speed camera systems and slow-motion imaging solutions and Electrophysics, leaders in thermal imaging and manufacturers of infrared (IR) cameras, announce a series of educational seminars focusing on the latest advancements in high speed visible and thermal imaging systems
  8. Photron’s High Speed Camera Images ‘Shark Attack At Dawn’ On BBC’s “Planet Earth”
    Photron, Inc. announces the use of their high speed ultima APX camera in the critically acclaimed BBC/Discovery Channel production of “Planet Earth”. The ground-breaking, super-slow-motion segment shows a great white, killer shark attacking a Cape fur seal at dawn, off the southern tip of South Africa
  9. SwingVision “Golf On CBS” Wins Emmy Award Using Photron’s High Speed APX Camera
    The SwingVision system consists of Photron’s advanced high speed APX digital camera, customized broadcast optics developed by Tech Imaging Services, a fiber optic output and proprietary software...
  10. Photron Introduces World's 1st PC-Based High Speed Video Imaging System With Full Mega Pixel Resolution At 1000 fps
    Photron USA high resolution imaging systems has announced the latest addition to their slow motion video camera family, the FASTCAM-X 1024 PCI™.