Opto Diode Videos

  1. Introducing Opto Diode’s New UVLEDs

    Here at the Photonics West 2019, Opto Diode introduces their two new Ultraviolet LEDs, the OD-265-001 and the OD-280-001, that were developed to keep up with customer demands in the shortage of LED manufacturers.

  2. Design Challenge Accepted

    At 2016’s Photonics West, Ray Fontayne provided us with a general overview of Opto Diode and the markets they serve.

  3. Avoid Getting Shot!

    Renee Dulfer walked us through a position detection system demo that Opto Diode had on display at DSS in 2015. Stick around for the whole thing, we promise the video’s title will make sense if you do.

  4. The Little Train That Couldn’t Derail

    Renee Dulfer spent some of day two of the exhibition with us giving us an overview of Opto Diode’s recent product expansion via of 2014 merger with CalSensors, but the real fun began when she walked us through their in-booth demonstration. For a better look on how their detectors are used in real world applications, check it out.

  5. New Detector For Beam Position Monitoring, UV Scanners, And Inspection Tools

    Opto Diode’s national sales manager Stan Duda kept us up to date on some new developments at Opto Diode. Watch the video to learn more about a new EUV compatible position sensing detector covering the 0.1 nm to 400 nm spectral range.

  6. Industry’s First EUV-Compatible Position Sensing Detector

    Stan Duda, national sales manager for ITW-Opto Diode, gives us some background on his company, a manufacturer of silicon photodiodes, LEDs, LED arrays, and UV/X-Ray photodetectors, at Photonics West 2013.

  7. Live From Photonics West 2012: Launch Of High-Power LED Arrays

    Stan Duda of Opto Diode Corporation discusses their launch of high-power LED arrays, which feature a 30-degree beam angle, excellent thermal conductivity, and high efficiency, and are currently available for sale. He also talks about their acquisition of International Radiation Detectors.