Machine Vision Videos

  1. Machine Vision, POC Medical Instruments, Non-Dispersive IR, & Photo-Acoustic Spectroscopy Filters

    This year at Photonics West, Jason Palidwar with Iridian Spectral Technologies gave us insight into the three optical filtering solutions his company is focusing on in 2016.

  2. Light Steering Development Platform For 3D Machine Vision

    Dylan Thomas, Texas Instruments DLP, introduces us to a highly accurate light steering development platform with high brightness and resolution ideal for a variety of industrial, medical, and scientific applications.

  3. Lenses For Machine Vision, Surveillance, And Medical Applications

    In this video, Jim Sullivan, director of sales and marketing for Schneider Optics, tells us about his company’s C-mount lenses, emerald ruby lenses, and xenon emerald lenses at Photonics West 2013.