Featured Videos

  1. Product Video: Thin Film Coating Capabilities

    This year at Photonics West, Dan Bukaty Jr. with PG&O discussed his company’s thin film coating capabilities. Watch the video to learn about their ability to coat large optics (up to 600mm in diameter), as well as a new system that allows them to monitor optical coatings in real-time, which ensures individual layer index accuracy, and the ability to measure layer thickness down to 1nm.

  2. Product Video: 1.6 mm Chip-On-Tip Camera

    Toshiba Imaging Systems showed us the SV-1000 - a 1.6 mm chip-on-tip camera for endoscope and surgical instrumentation inspection. Watch the video to see it conduct a lumen inspection of a surgical cystoscope to better understand how it can help identify bioburden resins, debris, and other undesirables in surgical endoscope instruments.

  3. Product Video: Vayu LWIR HD Camera

    Chris Johnston with Sierra-Olympic introduced us to the Vayu HD camera – the only 2 megapixel longwave uncooled camera on the market. Watch the video to learn more about the camera, as well as a new partnership with DRS Technologies, and a new zoom lens.

  4. What Is Dynamic Range, And Why Bother?

    Thomas Bauersachs with pco.tech explains what dynamic range is as it relates to a camera’s capabilities and specifications. Watch the video to better understand its importance and how it can affect your imaging application.

  5. Product Video: HD Line Of Science-Grade Cameras

    On day one of Photonics West, Ross Overstreet with FLIR showed us three different science-grade HD cameras they were exhibiting at the show. First, we saw the X8500sc 1280x1024 high-speed MWIR camera, ideal for demanding military test range imaging applications like target scoring  and target signature.

  6. Cooled Vs. Uncooled Infrared Cameras

    Ross Overstreet with FLIR discusses the differences between uncooled and cooled infrared cameras.

  7. Product Video: New Scientific Cameras For Versatile Applications

    Thomas Bauersachs with pco.tech took time out of day one of Photonics West 2018 to show us their new back-illuminated sensor-based pco.panda – an sCMOS camera featuring up to 95% quantum efficiency.

  8. Product Video: New Surface Reflectance Analyzer

    Naomi Shisaike with Canon kicked off our Photonics West 2018 coverage by giving us a rundown of what they were featuring at their booth. Watch the video to learn more about their new surface reflectance anaylyzer.

  9. RA-532H Surface Reflectance Analyzer Video Introduction

    The new RA-532H Surface Reflectance Analyzer from Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components is capable of surface measurements at three different angles (20°, 60°, and 85°). Utilized measurement methods include standard compliant gloss, haze, Image Clarity (IC), and 1-D and 2-D BRDF (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function) measurements. The analyzer can be used for a variety of evaluation and inspection applications with many types of surfaces such as film, paper, and automotive, printed, or painted surfaces.