Featured Editorial

  1. Understanding Laser Safety In Fabrication Settings

    Many laser standards exist to address the variety of laser use applications, but the fabrication setting is conspicuously omitted. This article details what the basic laser safety requirements for fabrication, as well as what it takes to implement such safeguards.  

  2. Why You Should Use A Product Development Process

    Applied poorly, systems turn into bloated regulations that no one trusts or uses effectively. Applied properly, the right systems improve the efficiency and effectiveness of product development teams.

  3. A Guide To Selecting Laser Protective Eyewear

    When it comes to laser protective eyewear, a number of factors go into selecting the best option, and some are more important than others.

  4. Breaking Down The “Cosine Fourth Power Law”

    In this article, we take a tour into the fascinating physics governing the illumination of images in lens systems.

  5. Recognizing Ergonomic Concerns In The Laser Lab

    To improve the safety, positive working environment, and ― ideally ― effectiveness of your laser lab, weigh these ergonomic considerations when approaching its layout.

  6. Q&A With Marilyn Gorsuch, Photonics West Event Manager

    Marilyn Gorsuch, Photonics West Event Manager, graciously took time to discuss with Photonics Online what attendees can expect at BiOS this year, and provided insight into the planning of our industry’s busiest week.

  7. Electronification’s Impact On Medical Device Manufacturers

    Rising demand for electronic components -- driven by the automotive, defense, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing industries -- could create supply challenges like price volatility, counterfeiting, relabeling, selling out-of-date parts, and double- or triple-booking orders

  8. Understanding Diamond And Its Relationship With Optics

    The combination of diamond’s broadband transparency, chemical inertness, low absorption, and highest-known thermal conductivity offers benefits for applications running at either high power levels or high-power densities.

  9. A Q&A With SPIE CEO Dr. Kent Rochford

    Dr. Kent Rochford became SPIE’s new CEO earlier this summer, following the retirement of Dr. Eugene Arthurs, who stepped down in June. Recently, Dr. Rochford graciously made time to discuss his vision for SPIE initiatives already underway, as well as those the future may hold.

  10. Lessons For Our Fight Against Subtle Sexism

    If we're to address subtle sexism, we don’t just need a plan for how to react; we need a plan to draw a line in the sand, so we know when it’s been crossed. Even harassers likely have challenges understanding where the line is after they’ve seen it crossed for so long without regard.