Canon Featured Vidoes

  1. Introducing The Canon 35mm FHD

    Introducing The Canon 35mm FHD CMOS sensor for ultra-high-sensitivity and high-speed imaging applications!

  2. Introducing The Canon 120 MXS

    Introducing the Canon 120 MXS CMOS Sensor for ultra-high resolution imaging applications!

  3. Product Video: 5 Megapixel Global Shutter Sensor

    Mike Simmons of Canon USA Future Products And Solutions presents the new 5 megapixel global shutter sensor for a variety of applications, including factory automation, unmanned aerial vehicles, and automobile advanced driver-assistance (ADAS). Watch the video for more in-depth information.

  4. Imaging In Persistent Aerial Surveillance And Reconnaissance Applications

    In this video, Mike Leaning of Canon speaks about the importance of high-resolution imaging for applications that involve aerial surveillance and reconnaissance.

  5. Achieving HD, Full Color Video In Low Light

    On the last day of SPIE’s 2016 DCS exhibition in Baltimore, Kevin Fogarty with Canon showed us a 19 micron pixel pitch sensor that can achieve a full color and high definition image in extremely low light environments.