Bristol Instruments Downloads

  1. Thermal Stability of the 157 Series Optical Thickness Gauge

    This technical note explains how continuous references measurements, an optical design used to maintain optical alignment, and an interferometer’s optical path all contribute to the thermal stability of the 157 Series Optical Thickness Gauge by Bristol Instruments.

  2. Pulsed Laser Wavelength Meter: 821 Series Datasheet

    The 821 series of pulsed laser wavelength meters accurately measures pulsed and CW laser wavelengths in applications involving high-resolution spectroscopy, photochemistry, cooling and trapping, and optical remote sensing. This datasheet contains a detailed description of the system, information on its features, specifications, and more.

  3. DWDM Optical Wavelength Meter 328 Series Datasheet

    This datasheet contains information on specifications, features, application areas, and more for Bristol Instruments' 328 Series of DWDM Optical Wavelength Meters.

  4. Pulsed Laser Wavelength Meter

    The 821 Series Pulsed Laser Wavelength Meter is ideal for any application in which accurate laser wavelength information is critical. This includes, but is not limited to, optical remote sensing, photochemistry, cooling/trapping, and high-resolution spectroscopy.