Blog Articles

  1. That’s A Lot of Data

     Vision Research is pushing the boundaries when it comes to introducing cameras capable of shooting faster and at higher resolutions with longer recording times and greater memory capacities. Vision Research offers a ultrahigh-speed cameras, users have access to models that offer up to 288GB of onboard memory whereas comparable models available from other manufacturers offer a maximum of just 64GB.

  2. Miro R-Series Updated

    Vision Research has updated the Miro R-Series camera family with two new models for applications requiring a 4 megapixel camera. Other updates include a door to the CineFlash slot, and a standard inclusion of the internal mechanical shutter with each camera.

  3. Exposure Times: How Low Can We Go?

    Vision Research announces the Phantom Ultrahigh-speed v2512 and v2012 with the FAST option that now have ultra-low minimum exposure times--only 265 ns for the v2512, and 290 ns for the v2012. The low minimum exposures are meant to compliment the ultrahigh-speeds of up to 1,000,000 frames per second (fps) offered by the FAST option, helping to reduce motion blur.