Laser News

  1. U.S. Military's Laser Weapons Development Get Funding Boost

    United States President Barack Obama's signing of the year-end defense bill will increase by more than half the U.S. military's funding for laser weapon systems for fiscal year 2017.

  2. Scientists Improve Modulation Bandwidth, Laser Operation Of Transistor Laser Device

    Engineers Nick Holonyak Jr. and Milton Feng at the University of Illinois continue to enhance the remarkable properties of the transistor laser they invented in 2004. Two of their recent studies explain how they improved the fundamental modulation bandwidth of the transistor and the laser operation of the device to make possible energy-efficient, high-speed data transfer in optical and 5G wireless communications.

  3. Scientists Create First "Water-Wave" Laser

    For the first time, scientists have generated lasers from the interaction of light and water waves. This "water-wave" laser can find future application in optofluidic devices and "lab-on-a-chip” devices for studying cell biology and delivering drugs at the nanoscale.

  4. MIT Builds Miniature Terahertz-Driven, All-Optical Electron Gun

    Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in collaboration with German scientists, have built a matchbox-sized electron gun that uses laser-generated terahertz radiation (instead of radio frequency fields) to accelerate electrons, while consuming far less power than state-of-the-art electron guns.

  5. Laser Components Extends Proprietary FLEXPOINT® MV Series With Proven Fiber-Coupled Technology

    The MVfiber laser module drives machine vision systems to new heights. The single-mode fiber reduces scattered laser light and prevents side modes, which results in precise laser projection in 3D measurements, biophotonics and medical applications.

  6. GOOCH & HOUSEGO Announces Quantum Technology Funding Award

    GOOCH & HOUSEGO has successfully won funding for involvement in two projects, REVEAL and CASPA, in the commercialization of quantum technologies competition supported by Innovate UK and the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme.

  7. X-Ray Laser Gets First Real-Time Snapshots Of A Chemical Flipping A Biological Switch

    Scientists have used the powerful X-ray laser at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory to make the first snapshots of a chemical interaction between two biomolecules – one that flips an RNA “switch” that regulates production of proteins, the workhorse molecules of life.

  8. Embeddable “Laser Particles” Key To MIT, Harvard Scientists’ Nano-Imaging

    Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and Harvard Medical School have developed a new imaging technique using tiny embedded "laser particles," which emit laser light to illuminate dense tissue. The resulting images are six times higher than what current fluorescence-based microscopes are capable of producing.

  9. Asymmetric Waveguide Makes For An Ultra-Efficient All-Optical Switch

    Scientists at the State University of New York at Buffalo have designed a new optical switch that uses an asymmetric waveguide to let a weaker "switching" control beam control a stronger signal or "output" beam.

  10. Russian Scientists Devise Model To Create Anti-Matter With Lasers

    Russian researchers have created a model calculation on how to create matter and antimatter via ultrahigh-intensity laser pulses.