Technical Articles

  1. Foreign Object Detection In Food Inspection And Sorting

    Food inspection, in connection with automated sorting and classification methods has become a major field of application for advanced image capture systems and infrared cameras. This case study tells how Xenics' line scan SWIR camera Lynx is used for copmlex imaging tasks.

  2. CMOS Image Sensors: System Engineering Considerations For Selecting 100+ MP Imaging Sensors

    Today’s advanced CISs are available with more than 100MP on the commercial market. This white paper presents important considerations to make in the design selection phase of high resolution CIS devices, especially in regard to size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C).

  3. Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging -- Application Simplified

    The pco.flim camera system is the first luminescence lifetime imaging camera designed to use a two tap CMOS image sensor. This white paper discusses the pco.flim camera, and how it simplifies the process of fluorescence lifetime imaging.

  4. Improving Additive Manufacturing With The Help Of Infrared

    Additive manufacturing technologies create components directly from a computer model, adding material only where needed. This app note discusses how infrared cameras can help manufacturers find systematic problems and determine the changes needed to maintain product quality.

  5. Enhancing Vision With Short-Wave Infrared Line Scan Cameras

    With better performance and lower cost, short-wave infrared line scan cameras are proving their worth in a variety of machine vision systems, from inspecting and sorting food to detecting cracks inside solar cells.

  6. Expand UAV Capabilities With Low Power, Ultra-High Resolution CMOS Sensors

    CMOS sensors from Canon have been engineered to meet the demanding requirements needed for optimal UAV performance, empowering OEMs to develop market-leading UAV solutions.

  7. Meet Demands For High Speed Image Capture In Microscopy Applications

    Canon CMOS sensors deliver the performance capabilities needed for the unique challenges of microscopy.

  8. Comprehensive Coverage At All Hours For High End Surveillance Applications

    Canon sensors offer advanced surveillance capabilities and unique performance for accurate and reliable imaging in a wide range of settings.

  9. CMOS Sensors Deliver Higher Speed And Efficiencies For Flat Panel Display Inspection

    Canon CMOS sensors offer best-in-class performance when detecting minute defects during the high-value flat panel display inspection process.

  10. Superior Visibility At All Times For Border Security And Patrol

    Canon CMOS sensors deliver unique performance capabilities to see more in border security and patrol.