Xenics is a pioneer of path-breaking infrared technology with a proven track record of more than ten years. Xenics designs and markets infrared imagers, cores and cameras of best-in-class image quality to support innovative R&D, industrial automation, machine vision, process control and high-end security applications. The company offers a complete portfolio of line-scan and 2-D area-scan products for the VisNIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR ranges. A vertically integrated manufacturer with advanced production facilities and in-house know-how on detector, systems and software development, Xenics delivers state-of-the-art imaging solutions as well as specifically targeted and optimized custom designs. Due to its Western European location and a worldwide sales and service network, Xenics is able to support its customers with simplified export procedures.


  • Short-Wave Infrared Adaptive Optics And Applications
    Short-Wave Infrared Adaptive Optics And Applications

    Adaptive optics (AO) is a technique used to measure wavefront errors or distortions in imaging, and to correct resulting images in real time. This article introduces adaptive optics and focuses on the benefits of using (short-wave) infrared cameras in wavefront sensing for key applications, including astronomy, laser communication, biological imaging microcopy, and retinal imaging in combination with optical coherence tomography. It also covers the fundamental performance characteristics of SWIR cameras used in adaptive optics applications.

  • Laser Gated Imaging

    Laser gated imaging is a technique for night vision that offers the advantage of detecting and recognizing targets at long ranges without the need for any natural light sources. This technique can be used for imaging through atmospheric obstacles such as smoke, haze, fog, and dust, and is used in various long range observation applications including security, target identification, active polarimetry, and 3D imaging. Significant improvements have been made to light source efficiency and sensor technologies which have also furthered laser gated imaging. This article highlights the general principles of laser gated imaging, as well as the advantages of imaging in different spectral bands in visible and infrared light.

  • Using Thermal Camera Cores For Reconnaissance Robots

    Reconnaissance robots are controlled remotely, which allows for access into normally inaccessible sites and reduces risks for users. The FENIX from PIAP is a light reconnaissance robot designed for detecting threats, and can observe, lift, and neutralize dangerous loads, and transport sabotage equipment.

  • Solving 360° Perimeter Security

    With an increase in global conflicts and threats, perimeter security and the protection of critical infrastructures, borders, harbors, and other territories has become much more important. Xenics’ 360° surveillance system, based on the Gobi-640 thermal camera, is an efficient and cost-friendly monitoring solution to keep properties safe, both day and night. This application note introduces the FOVEA system and discusses its ability to continuously observe large perimeters within a 360° range up to several kilometers.

  • Defense Applications For SWIR InGaAs Cameras

    The SWIR InGaAs camera is an ideal option for many defense applications due to key performance features such as an uncooled, small, lightweight design, sensitivity to nightglow, and attached covert eye-safe lasers. Unlike LWIR and MWIR imagers, SWIR imagers are able to see reflected light, and can offer close representations of what is seen in the visible spectrum. This application note provides an overview on many applications that SWIR InGaAs cameras are ideal for including detection of laser designators, nightvision, target recognition, and laser gated imaging.

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  • Xenics Introduces Serval-640-Gige Thermography Camera
    Xenics Introduces Serval-640-Gige Thermography Camera

    Xenics recently introduced the Serval-640-GigE Thermography as a new, ruggedized uncooled LWIR camera designed for thermography and thermal imaging in harsh industrial environments. The Serval-640-GigE Thermography is equipped with an uncooled microbolometer (a-Si) detector with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. It has a pixel pitch of 17 μm and a thermal sensitivity (NETD) of 55 mK. The Serval-640-GigE Thermography distinguishes itself from the Serval-640-GigE Imaging with its radiometric calibrations that allow the user to measure temperatures.

  • Xenics Receives Commodity Jurisdiction (CJ) Determination For Multiple ITAR Restricted Cameras

    Xenics has recently been granted Commodity Jurisdiction (CJ) approval for many of their ITAR restricted infrared cameras. This new CJ means that all SWIR cameras supplied by Xenics are now ITAR-free in the United States.

  • Stirling Cooled MWIR Imaging Core Enables Long Range Monitoring In Security Applications

    Xenics has recently introduced the fourth member of its high-resolution 'XenicsCores' Infrared OEM product family. The new Stirling-cooled XCO-640 MWIR module provides unprecedented thermal imaging stability and optical performance for perimeter surveillance, law enforcement and homeland security. At Eurosatory Xenics will exhibit in booth # FE288 in Hall 06 at the Belgium pavilion hosted by BSDI (Belgium Security & Defence Industry).

  • Xenics At DCS: Xenics SWIR Technology Driving Flexible Innovations
    Xenics At DCS: Xenics SWIR Technology Driving Flexible Innovations

    Xenics demonstrated its technology innovations for perimeter protection of sensitive public and industrial areas, focusing on its comprehensive portfolio of SWIR products at the SPIE DCS 2016. The focus is on SWIR technology innovation for the protection of sensitive public and industrial areas. New product introductions are the compact/low-cost SWIR camera module XSW-320 and the unique Bobcat-320-Gated for SWIR gated imaging applications.

  • Xenics At DCS: Top-Notch Space Technology Serving The Industry
    Xenics At DCS: Top-Notch Space Technology Serving The Industry

    Xenics will attend SPIE DCS 2016 with a host of new developments, among them the first performance results of a family of high-resolution SWIR line-scan arrays that work up to 400 KHz of line rate. These arrays serve space applications that require high resolution line-scan arrays as well as medical (3D SD-OCT) and industrial applications that require high line rates. . Xenics will exhibit in Booth 523 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

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  • Introductory Course On Cougar SWIR Cameras And Dark Current Measurements
    Introductory Course On Cougar SWIR Cameras And Dark Current Measurements

    This video course will provide an overview of Xenics’ cooled family of Cougar cameras, the dark current associated with the Cougar, and the influence of target temperature and emissivity on the dark current measurements.

  • Thermography Crash Course
    Thermography Crash Course

    This course is an introductory session from Xenics Infrared Solutions for companies stepping into the thermography world. In this session, viewers will be made aware of basic IR concepts within infrared reflected light, thermal imaging, and thermography technologies, and the criteria and measurements involved with each of them.

  • Low Cost, High Speed Imaging Solutions
    Low Cost, High Speed Imaging Solutions

    Xenics' message at Photonics West in 2016 is straight and to point — low cost, and high speed.

  • Integration Works Well Together
    Integration Works Well Together

    Xenics’ CEO Bob Grietens spent some time with us on day one of the DSS exhibition to show us some of their infrared imaging solutions for integration into pan and tilt systems, gimbal systems, as well as fixed imaging systems for applications in border protection/patrol, law enforcement, and homeland security.

  • Hyperspectral Imaging, Laser Beam Analysis, And Thermography Solutions
    Hyperspectral Imaging, Laser Beam Analysis, And Thermography Solutions

    Herve Copin with Xenics showed us two exciting new product releases at Photonics West this year. 

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